Safety Tips When Driving In The Rain

car window tinting tivoliWhile we do not really like to drive the car when it is raining hard outside, but the truth is sometimes it is really unavoidable. We all want to be safe and away from the road but in the case that you can’t avoid driving while the road is wet, here are some safety tips that you can look into:

Don’t rush it. It is better to be a few minutes late than deal with an accident. Slow down and do not get near the vehicle in front by leaving more distance between you two.

Let them see you. When the rain is hard, better turn the lights on to the low beam. You can only use high beam when you know you won’t be affecting the other drivers around you.

Don’t drive through flood waters. Flood waters are most tricky. Sometimes you think that it is not deep but once you get in, you realise how deep it is. When you drive your car through flood water, there is a chance that you might damage the engine’s compartment and internal electrical systems. You might even knock the suspension of its alignment especially if you are not certain how deep it is.

Pullover. If the rain is too heavy, it is just safe to just pull over and wait for it to ease. Just put your hazard lights on so that other driver can easily see you.

Check your tyres. Replace your tyres when needed. Do not ignore this as your tyres are the only ones that are keeping your car with the road.