Signs Your Car Wipers Need Replacing

mobile car repairs riverviewDo you really need to replace the car wipers? Well, of course, you do. However, most drivers do not recognize the need to replace them until they have trouble seeing the road during a heavy rainfall. Bad wipers on your windshield will cause an uneven wipe and make driving through the pouring rain more difficult.

Make sure to check your wipers once a month to see if they need replacement. When your wipers no longer have proper contact with the windshield surface, better replace them right away. Here are some signs that your wipers need replacement:

Showing signs of wear

It is natural for your wipers to worn out especially as it ages so once you find that the rubbers are worn, just replace them with a new one.

When you hear chattering noise

They can also develop a chattering sound as they pass across the windshield. This occurs as the rubber create a curve when they are not mostly used.

Causing windshield streaks

Streaking can happen when the rubber becomes hard and develop cracks. The windshield can also get this from tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances getting in contact with them.

Split rubber

The rubber can be affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays or simply because the rubber is too old.

Bent wiper frame

It won’t have proper contact with the windshield. Accidents can happen and the wiper can also be bent mostly in automatic car washes.

Your windshield wipers are one of the important components or your car as they are designed to make a comfortable and safe driving experience. Do not ignore your windshield wipers when they are already due for a replacement.